The Splash Nappy

A revolutionary way for your baby to enjoy the water …

Proudly made in South Africa!

  • Reusable swim nappy
  • Great for the beach or the pool
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Designed to catch those nasty number 2’s
  • Comfortable for your baby
  • Essential for your water baby

About the Splash Nappy

The Splash Nappy is the essential addition to enjoying the water with your little swimmer. Whether it is at the beach or just around the pool, “The Splash Nappy” will ensure that your child gets to experience the true joy of swimming.

“The Splash Nappy” has been designed for babies from a few weeks old up until around 36 months old. Although sizing is determined by weight rather than age, there is always a size to fit your Little Swimmer.

It is made from 2/3mm neoprene (traditionally used for wet suits). These are tight-fitting as “The Splash Nappy” is designed to catch those nasty number 2’s but at the same time allows your Little Swimmer to enjoy the freedom of the water as the neoprene is porous.

All our Splash Nappies are comfortable and durable alternatives to expensive disposable “swimming nappies” in that they can be washed and reused and in some cases passed onto the next addition to your family. Due to its clever design, there is also no need to wear a disposable swimming nappy underneath.

“The Splash Nappy” comes in a variety of colours and is the essential addition to your water baby!

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